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This game is one of the best variations of the roulette. With a customizable interface and a lot of impressive features, it is a completely new version of the roulette. The favourable return and high payouts of this game make it an excellent choice to play online roulette for real cash.

The graphics of the game are of good quality and the game itself is easy to play. Also, the complications and infrequently used betting options have been kept aside to make the gaming interface more user-friendly. Premium Roulette Pro has everything that a gamer requires for an exciting and joyful experience for playing roulette.


As soon as you enter the game you will see a spinning wheel on the top with a betting table at the bottom to the screen. The game has a lot of features, which offers a pleasurable experience to the gamers. The bets offered in the game are standard European bets. You can also customize the table cloth according to your preference.

The Premium Roulette Pro game offers an autoplay feature that allows you to set your bet and sit back and watch the game until the spin finishes off. On each betting option, a hovering mouse is there that would describe the betting options of the particular bet. You can also set your favourite bets if you do not want to drag and drop chips every time.

Graphical Interface

This game is a part of a series of premium-grade games that offer better graphics than other games of this gaming company. You will get a classic roulette graphical table that is customizable according to your preference. The customization helps the players to enhance their experience.

Playtech’s Premium Roulette Pro is easy to play and has the least complexions. The gamer can easily get in the flow of the game even if he is a newcomer. Undoubtedly, with top-class graphics and admiring features, this roulette game is ruling the hearts of the people. If you are a professional roulette gamer then this game would surely get you good wins. 

Premium roulette pro

Standard Rules

The rules for this game are similar to the European roulette games and very easy to understand. Here are some basic rules of the game:

  • The game consists of 37 pockets with a single zero in the wheel
  • Click on the chips to place your bets
  • There is no time limit for any bet, you can play freely without any time restrictions
  • Clicking on the spin wheel to stimulate the spinning
  • The ball will rest in one pocket, which will be the winning number
  • Winning bets are paid according to the pay table.


In this online roulette game, the highest payout is 35 to 1 which is offered for a single number bet. Apart from this other bets like dozen, column, and three numbers can fetch you 11 to 1 payout. You can double your money through an outside bet that is when you choose the right colour between the two colours red and black. Odd and even combinations can also give you some good money.

Edge and limits

The house edge in this roulette game is 2.70% which is similar to that of all European games. The minimum table limit is 1.00 whereas the maximum table limit can be exceeded up to 25.


The variant of the classical European roulette has successfully gathered a huge fan following with decent graphics and huge payouts. The platform is easy to understand and the gamer can play easily without facing any complications. If you are a great fan of roulette then this might be the best platform for you to win some real money. All you need to do is switch to this mind-blowing edition of roulette and gain some real ecstatic experience. However, it is always advisable that you read some online bingo tips before risking your money.

Provider: playtech
Category: Table games

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