Rock n Roller

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Filled with bands, harmonium, guitars, and piano, this musical theme-based slot is a treat for slots’ lovers across the globe. Plentiful payouts along with high RTP make this game a place where gamers can invest more and get lucrative returns. Playtech’s hard work and dedication towards this game have made this slot popular worldwide.

Rock n Roller slot game is user-friendly with bonuses and rewards in the gameplay that will surely attract you towards the game. By following some basic rules, you can convert your gaming skills into profitable wins.


When you start playing the game by entering the game interface you will see a classical theme of rock n roll music.  You will see 3 reels and 5 pay lines on the screen on which you can bet. You can select the betting reels with bet one or bet max options.

The selection of the coin size can be done from the +/- button present on the lower left side of the screen. Once you are done with the setting of your bet you can click on the spin button which will start the spin of the reels. You will get payouts according to the combinations.

Mesmerizing interface

The interface of the game is very optimistic and gives real excitement during the gameplay. The theme of the game is based on music. Piano, guitar, cassettes, and various music equipment can be seen in the reels as well as outside the reels.

The interface includes pitch, rhythm, dynamics that are soothing and exciting for music lovers. The backdrop of the game presents the classical musical theme which makes an aura where the gamers can feel the excitement of winnings. This and Party Line are perhaps the best games with a music-based theme.



The Rock n Roller slots game consists of 5 pay lines and 3 reels. The game consists of bonus rounds. It includes wild symbols and scatters symbols as well. Along with bonuses, the game also has multipliers to increase your winnings. The game offers free spin during the gameplay. It also has the feature of autoplay where the gamer can select the bet and let the slots finish the selected number of rounds. The game offers a higher return to the player (RTP) that is 96%, which encourages gamers to play more. As for the payout and RTP, this game is far ahead of games like Gladiator Scratch though it is still not the best.


The Rock n Roller slots offer a huge amount of payouts which motivates the new gamers to play this game. Below mentioned are the payouts that you will get when the pay line will show these combinations.

  • For any 3 gold record symbols, you will get 150 coins as the payout
  • For any 3 record symbols in the game, you will get 100 coins
  • For 3 guitars combination, you will get 50 coins
  • Any 3 harmonic symbols combination you will get 40 coins
  • For 3 drum symbols combination, you will get 25 coins
  • Any instrument symbols can fetch 5 coins to you
  • 3 blank symbols combination can also fetch 2 coins to you

For any 3 platinum symbols combination in any selected pay line.

  • For combination in pay line 1, you will get 400 coins
  • For pay line 2 you will get 475 coins
  • For pay line 3 you will get 550 coins
  • For pay line 4 you will get 625 coins
  • For pay line 5 you will get 700 coins which are the maximum payout

Final thoughts

This slot game by the Playtech can be your new favourite. Apart from the exceptionally soothing theme of the game, the exciting features within the game make it more entertaining.  If you love slots then this 3 reeled online game can be the best option for you. You can turn to this musical theme-based slot game and try your luck to win big.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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