Rock Paper Scissors

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Rock Paper Scissors has given a newfangled reason for online casino lovers to enjoy and earn huge cash amounts at the same time. Innovation and quality are the only reasons many people want to play this game. The excellent features, easy gameplay, and higher returns from this striking game have earned a lot of engagement from the gaming buffs. It is an excellent way to go down the memory lane and have fun while winning. 

How to play the game?

As soon as entering the online interface of the game you will see the symbols, betting options, and the series option on the screen. To start the game the bet amount needs to be fixed. The bet amount varies from $0.10 to $10 which is quite low compared to the allowance in Penalty Shootout and other high roller games. Now you need to choose among rock, paper, or scissors and wish that the computer chooses something inferior to your choice. As this will make the player win the round. The chances of winnings are around 33%.

You can also bet on a winning streak instead of betting on a single game. The available streak lengths in the game are 2, 3, and 4. When playing in a betting streak the betting amount remains the same but all players get extra payouts that are mentioned further.

Graphics and sounds

 Although this game does not have any high definition graphics, the visuals are really simple and sober. You can easily understand the game from where to start and how to bet if you know the basic betting and playing rules. The interface also has a gong sound along with background acoustic. These sounds may not entertain  but help to get along with the flow of the game. They basically set the mood to make it easier to play. 

rock paper scissors


The game consists of three hand symbols for three types of representations. For rock, a close fist symbol is assigned. For the paper, an open fist or open hand symbol is assigned. For the scissors, two straight fingers that are forefinger and middle finger are assigned. All the symbols are the same as the Rock Paper Scissors played during your childhood with your mates.

Guidelines of the game

In the game, you choose rock, paper, or scissor and the computer will also do the same. The game follows the same rules used to follow when you played this game in your childhood. The following are the key rules to play the game:

  • Rock will beat the scissors
  • Scissors will beat the paper
  • Paper will beat the rock
  • If both the opponent throws the same signs then the bet is a draw
  • Players can also bet on 2, 3, or 4 game series


With the high RTP’s and amazingly striking payouts, the Rock Paper Scissors is again a valuable arcade game. You can make a killing out of this game if you are a disciplined gamer. Here is a breakdown of the return system.   

  • Single bet throw will pay 1.9 on the bet
  • A two throw series will pay 8.7 on the bet
  • A three throw series will pay 26 on the bet
  • A four throw series will pay 78 on the bet
  • The RTP of the game is 96% (generally)

Final Verdict

This arcade game is the best place for a generous casino lover wishing to earn a good amount.  As a gamer, you do not require any special skills to play this game. The game is just an online version of the same game used to play during your school days. So switch to this “cute little gesture” game and earn some real money. If you are true fan of arcade games, then you may want to read about Holdem Showdown which is a leader in this category.

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Category: Arcade

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