Rocky Scratch

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Introductory note

Rocky Scratch is an amazing scratch card game that is based on the all-time favourite boxer, Rocky Balboa. The game is praised and loved by gamers because of its graphics and payouts. The prizes and bonuses offered in the game are so mesmerizing and exciting that they have impressed the casino lovers.

Rocky Scratch is a huge success and one of its kind casino game that gives real pleasure to gamers. It is played with full excitement all around the globe.

Get set go!

Rocky Scratch game is a unique creation that is based on the characters of the Rocky film series. In the game, the gamer need to scratch the opponent card that will fight with your favourite boxer Rocky. All the opponent characters are based on the film series only. The range of the payout depends upon the price of the card.

As the player enter the game they will see their favourite star Sylvester Stallone who will fight for them with the opponents. A player needs to purchase a card according to the price shown on the screen. After purchasing the ticket click on the play and choose your opponent. Players can also go for the auto-play option that allows the computer to choose an opponent automatically. In the auto-play mode, gamers just need to sit and watch the match results and wait to win. Payouts are releases if your selected player, or the player the computer chose wins.

Graphics and visual interface

The interface of the game displays the image of various stars along with some buttons on the lower portion of the screen. These buttons include total bets, total win, card price, and a play and autoplay button that helps the players to play the game with ease. The interface of the game is simple though loved by most of the casino scratch card lovers.

Rocky scratch

Let us rule the game

This is a bit of different kind of scratch card game. It is more into instant winning games where players can make real money immediately. The rules are very easy to understand. First, a participant needs to choose one of Rocky's opponents who then gets in the ring. Then purchase a card of any amount of your choice and then click on play. It completely depends on the scratch card purchased. Unlike Silver Bullet, the game does not consist of any jackpots. It is purely based on the cards. 

Grab the reward

This game does not give many options to win exciting prizes but the one which it is offering is really exciting. Here are some ways to earn some real cash and fill your wallet.

  • You can win real cash by playing the online version of the game.
  • You can purchase a ticket that will give Rocky a win against the opponent.
  • The online versions can pay up to 5000 times of the card value.
  • When your selection of three boxers is being knocked out by your player you will get 5000 times your card value.
  • 3 Rocky symbols in column, row, or diagonals can fetch 10000 times of the card value.

Concluding remarks

Numerous casino games have been launched with a huge fan base. These give you a lot of opportunities to win real cash and make yourself profitable by using simple tricks and traits. This scratch card game is loved by several people, because of the simple yet interesting game. The rules are very simple and the return amazes people. So if this game isn’t familiar, then it’s a must-try.  The benefit here is that a player who tries can earn some prizes that can fill up the online wallet. However, it is advisable you read some online bingo tips before risking your money.

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