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What is it exactly?

For the seasoned gambler who needs a new kind of excitement, then Stravaganza might be the answer. This is an innovative new progressive card game that promises to give an unforgettable experience. Most players are already accustomed to traditional card games, but this is a whole new variation whose twists only add more to the experience.

The Game

Stravaganza is played using 5 decks of cards. With the cards dealt, the aim is to make sure the player’s cards total is higher than the dealer’s dealt cards.


This game draws its inspiration from Blackjack. A few differences in rules and procedure is what sets them apart. This variation however is what gives this game the kick that makes it truly stand out. The gameplay goes as so:

  • Deciding on the amount to wager. This can be adjusted accordingly using the chip button found on the interface.
  • After settling on it, the player presses the ‘Deal’ button.
  • Player then gets 2 cards dealt their way, face-up, and the dealer gets 3 cards dealt their way, face down.
  • With both parties having got their cards, the point total is calculated and the result determines what the next best move is.
  • The player can decide to play-on, sit, get their money back, or just rescuing the initial bet.

As stated earlier, the aim is to have a hand value that’s able to beat the value of the dealer’s cards. Should the dealer however get a red ace in their hand, they automatically win the first round. In the following round, after opting to continue, there is the chance to get the wagered money back from the first round.


Highlighting what this game brings to the table

Taking a closer look at more of the cool features one can expect from this game, they are quite attractive. Here are a few things one can look forward to when they choose to go for this game:

Demo Mode

Like Silver Bullet and other popular games, Stravaganza allows you to play in demo mode. If feeling uncertain about whether to indulge in this game or not, this should be the answer. Enjoy the game’s full glory without staking any real money before deciding it’s alright to head into the actual game and stake some real cash.

  • Great Bonus Features
    Players are in for a treat if they attain the bonus trigger. This entails getting a three of a kind hand. With this, the payout for the round can be multiplied by 3 times!
  • Progressive Jackpot
    This feature is uniquely available from the game’s makers. It comes in to play when the player makes side-bets. Participating in the side-bets progresses them through the jackpot and when they get a winning card whilst under an extra bet, they qualify for some winnings. Having a 3 of a kind hand gets players upwards of 10% of the bonus!
  • Coin Denominations
    The coins for betting are in denominations of 0.01 – 100. This was deliberately done to ensure players enjoy maximum control over their betting activity.
  • High RTP
    Is the risk worth it if the payout isn’t? No! With this game, however, players can expect RTPs of up to 97%. With that kind of return value, it makes playing this game more worth it. The game ranks high among market leaders like Rocky and Party Line.

Few card games can claim to be as authentic and enjoyable as this one. The dedication and precision that went into developing this game make it one of the best games to check out if you’re looking for a new kind of thrill. The popularity and success it has brought numerous casinos online further support that its quality is indeed the real deal.

Provider: playtech
Category: Table games

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