Tennis Stars

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Many people could've doubted the possibility of developing such an efficient tennis online game. But here it is the casino world always braces itself for the best. The 'tennis stars' is a slot machine game that every sport's lover should try out. This review will help clear doubts about this excellent casino game. So, let's give ourselves a good ride down the road.

Unique for sports lovers

Tennis stars are one of the latest slot games designed to boost the creativity of tennis sports enthusiasts. This game has a unique retro vibe with impressive graphics and animations to tickle its players' fancy. The game's reach and acceptance among its teeming audiences have exceeded the expectations of its developers. So, the tennis stars feature among the most successful online games today.

Impressive outlook

Like most tennis-based games out there, this tennis stars' slot has green grass patches. This design makes the game easy to understand by anyone who had played on a tennis court. The slots take up the greater part of the screen as they reel. There are numbers on both extremes of the reel to help players interpret the game's pay lines.

Specialized audio output

As mentioned earlier, the tennis stars have a fantastic interface. Luckily, it offers more than what users see. The tennis stars' greatest selling point is the specialized sound that runs through the listeners' ears, boosting their performance.

Whenever the player is almost landing the three symbols, the soundtrack gives a medley that heightens the act. As the sound's tempo increases, the players' emotion rises, provoking a desire to make new casts. How the audio affects the player, is puzzling but also a big plus to the game makers.

Superb user interface

After desiring to hit the jackpot, the only doorway between the player and the game is the interface. Here, the tennis stars deserve a big pat on the back. This game has a simple user interface with well-organized icons to make playing a lot easier.

Many players could easily get bored or bounce if a game's user interface is difficult to navigate. Of course, that's not a problem with tennis stars. Here, the players can locate the interface icon at the bottom of the screen, a bit above the reels. Some available options to players include bet max, auto start, spin, lines, gamble, etc.

The game allows users to adjust the line number and weight. Besides, players can quickly click the necessary buttons if they choose to bet per line. The best part is when the players hit the bet max button to make huge earnings withdrawable through a visa card or a master card.

The firing points

Tennis stars roll out lots of bonuses to their players. On reel numbers, 2 to 4, are wild symbols. With this, players earn 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier when landing these slots. Besides, these bonus spins also have wild symbols which enable players to get more extras. Of course, the tennis star is one of the few games with such an attractive offer.

What's more, players can move to the championship match if they hit three scatters found on the reels. Most interestingly, users can win this championship level with their free spin bonuses. Of course, every player wants a trophy, and with the tennis stars, everyone is a potential winner.

It's time to rest the axe

Tennis stars are a few slot games with the best bonuses, user interface, and audio elements. When these features are combined with the action-packed play of the tennis stars, players who have played other games such as Tombola bingo can easily understand its worth. This game offers more than fun.  While there could still be elements of fears among newbies, the best to do is 'try.'

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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