Tens or better

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Simple Fun

With all the gaming options currently available, it’s sometimes hard to settle on one to enjoy. Most come loaded with numerous features, extra designs, and visuals, all to enhance the experience. ‘Tens or better’ attains all this excellence while maintaining a simple classic old-school look so anyone can enjoy what truly matters…immersing yourself in the game!

The story behind it

This card game has quickly gained traction as a favorite for many gamblers because of its unique gameplay options. In developing this game, the creators considered what the customers really enjoy and drew inspiration also from other card games.

Tens or better draws inspiration from the classic ‘jacks or better’ game. With the creators’ new take on this game, it came to fruition and continues to be enjoyed across many casino sites.

A look at the Gameplay

The game involves using a deck of 52 cards. Players first make a wager, and depending on which casino you’re at, the amounts may vary. Having made a wager, a total of 5 cards are dealt for the player, face up.

After this, decide which cards to hold and which to discard before proceeding to the next round. Opt to have just 1 card switched out or even all 5 of them. The aim is to have the highest/most valuable combination of cards.

In each hand, the payout goes to the one with the highest card combination. After the payout, the cards in the deck are shuffled again and the game then continues.


In this card game, the minimum winning hand is a pair of 10s. Drawing a card that’s higher in value than that of the dealer grants the option of continuing with the gamble. This can continue till you either hit the casino limit or decide to pull out of the game and withdraw your winnings through the visa card.

When you win a hand

There are 3 options to take. The first is to collect, which is pretty self-explanatory. The other is to ‘Double’. This option allows wagering all your winnings on the next round of play for a chance to double the winnings. ‘Double half’ is the last option. Here, only half of your previous winnings will be wagered on the next bet.

Game Features

This game is straightforward to comprehend and play. Taking a closer look at some features available on this game proves how simple and easy it is to enjoy.

  • A simple, intuitive, yet classy interface. This helps players focus on enjoying their game and helps get them to make better and faster decisions during gameplay.
  • It offers 5 levels of betting with a range of 0.05 – 5 pounds per level. That means the max wager can be a total of 25 pounds for a bet which is way lower compared to market leaders like Top Trumps Football Legends.
  • An attractive maximum jackpot of 4000 coins when a royal flush is scored. The minimum is 800 coins.
  • This card game features no wild-cards.
  • A demo-mode version. This allows familiarizing yourself with the layout and gameplay before staking some real cash.

A lot of gambling games continue to be churned out to the market day after day but few can claim to be as classy and well presented as this one. With the simple rules, easy to use interface and guaranteed action, what isn’t there to like about this game? The creators took their time in understanding what players want in their games, and they delivered exactly that with this one. The game is available online on numerous casinos and can be played on your computer or mobile phone. We recommend that you check out our online bingo tips if you want to win big in this and other games.

Provider: playtech
Category: Video Poker
Cover: https://cdn.vegasgod.com/playtech/tens-or-better/cover.jpg

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