The Jazz Club

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There’s no better way to describe how music affects the human mind. Game developers and tech giants have found this amazing relationship between songs and gamers, hence their inclusion in the gaming world. Of course, the slot machine can’t be complete without a background theme song. Since music has tens of genres, the jazz club game is for jazz enthusiasts.

For those that love music, especially a genre that soothes the soul, the jazz club casino slot is here. This phenomenal game, boasts striking cords and musical notes to fill the player’s music needs. So, players who enjoy a bit of jazz music can look at what this slot can do.

Musical instruments as symbols

The jazz club’s graphics are amazing; that includes the reels, symbols, and interface. Though the reels cover a greater part of the screen, players can still access the brick backdrop at the wall. The symbols on the reels give this slot game a cool atmosphere, which is quite appealing to users.

On the screen’s bottom, audiences will notice the neon fluorescent look of the symbols on the pay line. Notable musical instruments on the pay scale include cello, trumpet, and piano.

Luckily, the game makers gave these symbols an animated feature to thrill users. Whenever a player lands on a winning pay line, the piano man works out a few chord tricks and stage colours.

Besides offering some impressive visuals, the jazz club symbols add life and character to the game. This means players can easily associate any of the game’s performance to their real-life jazz idols.

Easy to use interface

As common with games from Playtech, the jazz club’s interface is one of the loveliest around. It has a deep colour and vibe that blends with the game’s standard atmosphere. Most interestingly, players can easily set their game details via the user interface button at the screen’s bottom. Some of the buttons to locate on the interface include:

  • Spin
  • Info
  • Bet max
  • Lines
  • Autostart
  • Bet per line

Other icons to see on the jazz club’s interface include:

  • Total bet (found above the bet max button)
  • Win display (on top of spin button)

Again, the jazz club is pretty easy to control. That said, players can easily adjust the bet amount or lines by clicking the related button. Learn more about the game by looking at the online bingo tips.

Music as a winning recipe

Again, the jazz club is designed for players who want to enjoy their time at the casino. This slot machine features five reels with a total of 25 pay lines. The animations and spin symbols are responsible for the game’s unique musicals. Once a player wins, a music line is played to define the moment, prompting the winner to add more bucks. Also, the colourful winning symbols will run through the pay line.

Activating the microphone

All slot machines game has a unique wild symbol. As expected, the jazz club uses a microphone as its winning symbol. This microphone constantly replaces itself at each successive active pay line. When spinning free, the microphone symbol expands and covers reel numbers 2 to 4. The jazz club allows players to get free spins if they land on reel three or other scatter symbols. Once the user wins a bonus, there is an option to pick a soloist, which comes with some benefits.

Too good to be true!

The Jazz club is solid gameplay with matching visuals and songs to thrill all jazz enthusiasts. Players can easily relate with the slot characters, a feature that’s hardly found in other top-rated casino games or bingo games such as the Buzz Bingo or the Gala Bingo. The jazz club is excellent for anyone seeking pleasure and inspiration from jazz music to make big hits. 

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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