The Mummy Scratch

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The mummy scratch is a popular online scratch game with plenty of bonus rounds. This slot game was inspired by the hit 1999 film, the Mummy. The film brought life to the Mummy Genre, which was popular in the 1930s cinemas. As expected, the cards bear all the outstanding characters of this film. It offers a huge bonus round, allowing users to win up to a thousand bet.

The unique game

The mummy scratch casino game’s rules aren’t too different from other slot machines. It’s also like the regular three symbols scratch slots. Once three symbols match, players can win between 1x to 1000x of their bet value. The biggest winning can reach up to $150,000.

Scratch the Movie, Scratch the Card

Players of this game are to pick three identical symbols out of the card’s nine sections. Luckily, gamblers can arrange the symbols in any manner. The total winnings depend on the type of combination formed from the symbols. As stated earlier, each of these symbols has a multiplier ranging from one to a thousand times. As a rule of thumb, the more the bet amount, the more the winning.

the mummy scratch

Focus on the movie stars

The mummy scratch card value in a casino club can vary around twenty cents to a hundred dollars. Each reel slot feature characters from the Mummy film scenes. And the mummy’s logo forms the bonus symbol. So, once a player sights this logo, note that there is a bonus round.

Zero retries

One exciting thing about slot machine games is its huge bonus offer. Upon landing on the mummy logo, a player can step into the inner pyramid. Once inside, one can choose any of the six secret boxes. Of course, there are huge prizes, so users have a guarantee of winning.

Another fantastic aspect of the mummy scratch card is that it budget-friendly, allowing one to choose their ideal stake level. Gamblers can also get multiple cards at once or choose the autoplay function. Other options available for stakes include:

  • 10x
  • 20x
  • 30x
  • 40x
  • 50x

Again, each bonus round carries six sarcophagi; then users can select any of them to see their total pay. However, the mummy scratch casino slot doesn’t have the progressive jackpots unlike Vacation Station.

This game involves clicking each panel to see if there is a win. It has no retries, so a player has only a chance to hit.

The Scratch Card Interface

Mummy scratch online game is available in multiple languages. Character names, menu, buttons, inscriptions, and sections can be translated. This makes the mummy scratch excellent for gamblers that prefer in their local language.

The reel slot is found in the middle section of the screen. Still, the symbols with multiplier indicators are on the left and right areas of the screen. The control panel at the screen’s bottom enables users to make vital adjustments to the gameplay options.

Online scratch cards offer gamblers the opportunity to capture the perfect moments at the casino club without leaving their homes. And this mummy scratch card with interesting free bonuses will be perfect for anyone desiring to hit big.

The availability of extras makes the mummy scratch stands out from many online casino games. Interestingly, this slot game is excellent for fans of the blockbuster film, ‘the mummy.’ Users can meet these characters again as the video slots have the same style in the original film. Again, gamers can start with this game without registering directly on the casino website since it has a demo version just like the popular Tens or Better.

This mummy scratch game promises lots of excitement and fun for anyone looking to enjoy the mummy film adventure.

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