Top Trumps Football Legends

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How it started?

Remember the old card game? Then you can quickly agree that the top trumps football legends’ is a fantastic game. But how did it start? Many players had lost interest in the same recycled games that developers created every year. Thus, there were calls for game makers to bring something new and exciting into the casino table. Now, there have been lots of improvements in the slots' series, which adds new life to the casino world. One of these sought after game titles are the top trumps series.

Top trumps introduce a unique spin on slot machines, drawing inspiration from the actual football sporting world. The top trump football legends integrate distinct aspects of soccer into the slot machines.

Pay line activators and numbers

Top trumps legends have a thoughtful design, which make it quite attractive to the eyes. Once the game kicks off, players can see the reels at the centre of the screen. Each of these reels has numbers on the right and left sides. Of course, these reels’ numbers are what players use to examine their pay lines.

Besides, users can easily transform these top trumps legends numbers into the huge payout payable through PayPal, Skrill and other channels. Of course, this happens when a player hovers a mouse cursor over a number, then clicks to activate the given pay line.

The real football legends

Once a play looks at the symbols on the reels, what is seen are various soccer legends. Some of these football greats include Johan Cruyff, Bobby Charlton, Michel Platini, etc. Each of the characters on the reels looks like gold, giving the game a fantastic look.

How to score?

Generally, top trumps football legends have a perfect interface. One thing that separates it from other slot machines is the gold appearance.

Meanwhile, the user interface is at the bottom of the split-screen. But many players tend to get confused about the rows and how they’re used in the game. Don’t worry; everything will come out clearer in a while. There are top and bottom rows. The former holds the display while the latter holds the buttons. On clicking the interface, players can spot the lines, spin, bet max, and gamble buttons.

Other notable features are:

  • At the top of the spin and gamble button is the win display.
  • Betting value adjust button is at the top of the info button
  • Players can stake a maximum of $750 per spin

Rules must be obeyed

Top trumps football legends feature five-reel slots with approximately fifteen pay lines. Like real-world soccer, this slot game has many self-defining details. For example, whenever the reel lands, the sound of a kicked ball is played. And, when the game ends, the soundtrack of a cheering crowd of spectators will be heard. At the time of winning, players can hear popular casino songs and see highlights of the winning symbols.

Who is on the wild symbol?

Pelé is among the greatest footballers of all time, and the top trump football legends wild symbol attests to this fact. That’s exciting, right? Yes, Pelé deserves the honour. That said, players can win plenty of bonuses once they land at least three scatter symbols. Most interestingly, users still win if they land just two symbols.

While spinning free, users still get an additional wild symbol, multiplying their win by four times. Please learn more about free online bingo here. Another interesting feature of this top trump series is the wall of fame function. Here, audiences can access instant wining by picking three football greats out of sixteen. Again, top trumps football legends offer many specific ways for players to earn.

The top trumps football legends’ is designed for football and casino enthusiasts. It brings the memories of football to bear in the casino club, so it is worth a real try.

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