Vacation Station

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Vacation station slot machine is a game that offers players a chance to take a holiday by travelling in different places without ever leaving the couch. Vacation Station is a simple three-reel slot and wonderful slot casino game dedicated to the theme of the holiday. The game has a basic setup which gives new players an excellent starting point. It is easy to learn and uses cheap gambling requirements. It offers a large non-progressive jackpot that is ideal for beginners. It is designed to offer a maximum jackpot at a minimum stake. Vacation station accepts stakes as low as 0.01 per spin, up to a maximum of 120.00 per play which is quite cost-effective as non-progressive jackpot comes up to 4,000 coins.

The colours used in the vacation station casino game are bright and natural enough to remind players of happy vacation moments. To fully cover its theme, the game utilizes all possible transportation methods. Expect to find a train, bus, motorbike, suitcase, hot air balloon, and sports car in the game. The vacation station takes you to all the lucrative places of choice.

Win to go for your holiday

Vacation station

Vacation Station has an unusual set up having a 3x3 square slot and having 9 pay lines.  The pay lines are horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. It takes no effort to master the logic of this game which is enhanced by the lack of a wild card or bonus game making it remarkably simple. Players aiming for the scatter symbol or the aeroplane will always earn a lot, with the latter, offering a top jackpot of $60,000 which four times as much as the jackpot offered in Pink Panther Scratch Cards.

The win lines go horizontally, vertically, and diagonally as the winning combinations are formed. The game displays scattered images and the objective is to get a triumphant mix of images. Additionally, the game has a 9 reels slot action packed with 8 play lines and bets starting from 0. The more tokens are put, the more pay lines one will have. The fixed pay lines are used in the game.

How to play?

It’s played by selecting all the lines with the button, then choose Bet One or Bet Max and hit the spin button, and prepare to immerse in the theme. The pay line gives it a 3x3 look with the pay lines rotating as play commences and offers 8 payout lines. You need four anywhere to win a price 2 x the line bet.

A slot game theme allows you to click a button and let the gameplay by itself as you simply take in the outcome. There is no wild symbol in this slot game, although a scatter (a suitcase) that offers payouts of up to 1,000 times your wager. A player will need to bag three aeroplanes to win the jackpot. There are no risk games, progress jackpot, free spins, or bonus rounds in the game. A player who wants to enjoy these incredible features should pick a game from sites like wink bingo. For this game, they are allowed to choose various bets to be placed like Casino Island 2, Genesis Casino, Slot Casino, Casino extra, and allow amounts to be won by ensuring all players have access to the all-round entertainment experience. Balance of funds on the account is displayed in all the lower-left corner of the screen. Gameplay, search result, and other factors to calculate a slot rating for all games are displayed within the games database.

The game caters for all players, those who want to play for leisure, and those who risk a large amount of money to place higher bets and win.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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