Video Roulette

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Video Roulette is a game that features a wonderful game pay mechanism, cinematic feel, and awesome graphics with all possible bets available in a cabinet form. Video Roulette is simple and perfect for both new gamers and veterans, and even for casual players and high rollers.

The game is much like video poker and slots as it comes in cabinet form. The cabinet features one screen at the top and another one located on the slanted closest to the gamer. The top screen displays the computer-generated wheel and results, while the bottom one displays the roulette table and betting options. If anyone thinks that these are the only enticing features of the game, then they are wrong. There is more to that. Read this article as we unravel more about the game.

How to Play Video Roulette?

Like in multiplayer online bingo, a gamer has to pay first to begin playing to earn a profit. For this game too, begin playing the game by inserting cash or ticket into the bill acceptor. The right-hand side of the lower screen displays the balance after inserting the cash. A chip denomination will be displayed on the right side which allows for selecting the size of the chips to place a bet on.

Select the section of the table and number where you place the bets. A gamer can repeatedly hit the section or number in case they chose a small denomination like $2 to keep more chips on it. This is just like putting chips on the regular roulette table, but here, they have to repeatedly tap the spot because a stack of chips can’t be grabbed.

If you are happy with your betting section, chose the spin button. The wheel and ball will start spinning in the top screen of the video roller. When the wheel halts, a player knows whether they have won the bet if the amount is added to the credits on the right-hand side. 

Video roulette provides the option to use the same bet again if the player wants to clear the table and place new chips for the next round. Note that video roulette is the same as the American or the European roulette except that it has an animated wheeler.

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Nice way to learn Video Roulette

If interested in playing video roulette, start from playing table games and then use video versions to learn how to bet and place chips on regular tables, after becoming more comfortable in playing on a video roulette competent in a table game.

The gamer of video roulette has more control over the game as they are in a position to choose when to spin and how long they can bet between rounds.


Video roulette appeals to gamblers who prefer placing their bets in solitude. When playing the game, the player doesn’t have to worry about learning how other players are betting because everybody is placing their bet on different screens at their own time. The game is more relaxed since it’s just one person per machine; a gamer can take time to think about the bets they want to place without pressure. Any player needs not to worry when gaming with video roulette because the machine is well programmed to handle many of the important aspects making it very simple to play. The gamer only needs to choose their chip denomination and place the amount on their preferred bets.

Video roulette etiquette

  • Colour-coded chips separated from everybody else’s chips.
  • Never bet after the dealer says any more bets and tip the dealer from time to time.
  • After wins, don’t get over-enthusiastic because it can be annoying.
  • If the bet is on the other side of the table, ask another player to place chips on a certain bet.

If you are still unsure of winning in the game, you can read some online bingo tips and you will certainly have more confidence.

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