Wheel of light

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Wheel of light is an amazing arcade game that gives the players fantastic betting options. It consists of a wheel that has 31 spots with numbers 0-30. A player uses wagers to predict the results. The four ranges of colours and numbers allow a gamer to bet on various outcomes. When they hover over every betting area, they will be able to see the payouts for each successful bet. Everyone will be interested in payout, and that is precisely what the piece will be deliberating on, because the game has colour sections and number divisions with varying pay!

Players will have options to bet. Sometimes the game can be described as the cross between the wheel of fortune and Roulette. The Player will appreciate all the features making up this fantastic game. It has a very colourful diversion, very soothing soundtracks which will help soothe them through as they spin all day long.

wheel of light

The first thing that is visible upon turning the game on is a futuristic red background. The wheel is on the left set while the betting chips are located in the middle. The big yellow button on the right is used to start the spin. Fewer numbers are available, ranging from 0-30, and the chips are valued from 0.2 euros to 25 euros. Try to find chips valued at 0.2, l, 5, and 25. Then determine what you want to bet with a maximum bet per spin being 1000 euros which compares well with DR. Lovemore. Choose the best combination that will best serve you. Besides, you can choose to pay bingo with PayPal, visa, or Skrill.

When a player wants to bet, they should ensure that they place a bet in the centre of the wheel as follows.

Hi, LO, Even, Odd

They are the sections that the players will have to make while they are spinning. The high best here ranges from 1-15 while the Lo bets range from 16-30. All the bets will pay two times at the stake place as a certain instance. The 30 number will then be divided into sets of five. The odds will vary depending on the choices or instead, the selections that a player wants. The collections of five are 1-5, 6-13, 14-16, 17-23, and 24-30.

The colour sections

There is also another ring that offers a chance to bet on sections that have colour alignments of different sizes. When betting from the red sector, a gamer will be entitled to four numbers, and the pay scale is 7.5 times the stake. The green area has five numbers with an entitlement to a payment of 6 times the stake. The blue colour has 6 figures with a pay scale of 4.28 times the stake. The orange has 14 numbers that will pay 2.14 times the stake.

A note on single numbers

There is an outer ring which has a fantastic payout! Simply, place a bet on a single number, and if lucky, expect to take something that is 30 times the stake. Any player will want to explore this fantastic innovation that accords this game’s super fun and big wins!

To conclude, any player will love the Wheel of light game, especially if they are a big roulette fan. It is a chance to try out something new including the martingale system where a player will be taking a minimum of 0.2 euros and a maximum of 25 euros! It is a smart innovation from one of the game companies which produces new online bingos consistently that has won the hearts of many roulette lovers! Be sure to explore the features of the game and enjoy those memorable moments with the best games. 

Provider: playtech
Category: Arcade
Cover: https://cdn.vegasgod.com/playtech/wheel-of-light/cover.jpg

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