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Willing to explore a whole new world of online gambling games? This article is for you. Not everyone has the time to thoroughly research what the market has to offer and what they want to invest their money in, therefore here is everything that there is to know about Wild Games including a general presentation, symbols, description of the rounds, and awards.

What is Wild Games?

Wild Games is a 25 pay line animal-themed slots game that is organized like the Olympics. The game has a multitude of sports symbols on the reels, three kinds of medals, and a trophy – as one cannot feel truly victorious without one. There are a lot of things to do in this game, so the player cannot get bored with it easily.

The game features three animal competitors that have their own side game each:

  • Swimming Bulldog
  • Cheetah
  • Hippopotamus

The symbols

The trophy is the basic wild symbol that replaces all normal line-paying icons to complete winning combinations. Despite this attribute, the trophy cannot substitute the medals.

When three of the same medals appear, the player can pick one of them to unlock a randomly-generated prize. The gold medals will be the most valued and most rare.

Spinning, winning, and bonuses

Three different symbols can trigger a wild reaction – hence the name of the game – that provides multiple wins. Players can play up to 25 lines starting at 1 point per line. Hope for one of the three characters to appear, as they will trigger another wild effect and start bonus games. These wild reactions work as following:

1. Three Hippos or more will give the player the Balance Beam bonus, a round in which one of three acrobatic routines can be chosen for the Hippo to perform at the Olympics. 8 non-paying spins may be won, depending on the achieved scores given by the judges.

2. Three Cheetahs or more will trigger the 100-meter Dash bonus that can lead up to the other 8 free spins. The medals that appear during this round have special attributes.

  • The gold medal will expand to fill all three reels.
  • The silver medal will clone one on the same reel randomly.
  • The bronze medal just becomes extra wild (as do the other two aforementioned).

3. Three Bulldogs or more will trigger the Freestyle Swim Bonus. The player is taken to an Olympic pool where the bulldog is competing to win a medal. After this competition, 8 free spins are unlocked. Whenever a medal appears, other free spins are won.

  • The gold medal unlocks 4 more spins.
  • The silver medal unlocks 3 more spins.
  • The bronze medal unlocks 2 more spins.

Pride of winning

With so many free spins, bonus rounds, and random prizes for variations of jackpots, the fact that the game awards prizes for normal rows of aligned symbols might get overlooked.

When the player manages to align matching symbols upon an active pay line (up to 25, as mentioned in the beginning) a multiplier will be aligned to the bet.

Of course, the gameplay itself is so fascinating that these basic multipliers will seem like nothing compared to the sheer rush of adrenaline felt while immersing oneself into this Olympic-themed game. You won’t mind paying bingo via neteller or your favourite payment option to start playing this game.

What Win To Expect?

Any player might win in Wild Games up to 30,000 credits in any of the spins – and there are eight free spins per character side game, so look forward to many credits! Before that you’re your time to learn more about the free online bingo. With such an overwhelming number of free spins and bonus rounds that are accompanied by impressing visuals, spinners might find themselves playing for the sake of fun, rather than the big prizes. Do not shy from exploring other games such as chat mag bingo.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines
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