Wild Viking

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Wild Viking is an exceptional casino game with elements of the roulette and traditional card games. In other words, it is a type of roulette that uses cards instead of the regular ball and wheel. Five cards that are dealt at the start of each game determines each round’s result. Generally, this slot machine game has no wheel, so users are only expected to guess the landing number correctly.

Bet Limits

The betting amount in this game is $1 to $25. Besides, players can choose from several denominations, ranging from $0.01 to $25. Gamblers can place a bet on other pokers like a full house, flush, straight, and four besides the usual odd/ even and red/black combinations. This game also promises a progressive jackpot for users that desire to place a unique side bet.

The wild symbol in this game is seen on a coin slot found on the top corner of the table. Here, the red light will turn to green after placing a progressive wager. With just $1, players can fix the progressive jackpot side. Again this option provides partial payouts for three of a kind and over.

The game offers a progressive jackpot via the royal flush. It means the first and fifth cards can be replaced with two jokers found on the table. Of course, this hand is hard to get, but it makes the game more interesting. Again, the longer it takes to hit the jackpot, the more the money grows.

wild viking

Simple Interface, Easy to bet

This is one of the most outstanding table games for online casino enthusiasts. Hence, gamers are guaranteed to have fun while enhancing their gaming experience. As mentioned earlier, the game’s main principle is based on roulette, making the game easier to play. Visitors are expected to bet on the card they think will appear last on the table after the five cards.

With this game, players can pick from different bet types, though a few have similar names as poker cards. Again, the card type users guess will determine the total payout. Of course, this feature is unique to the wild Viking game.

Another thing that endears visitors to this table game is its user-friendly interface. This specific feature makes the game suitable for players of all skill levels and experiences. And with such an amazing experience, only a few will see the difference of playing in any of the popular London bingos.

Outstanding Features

The features found on the wild Viking game are the same as that on any standard roulette version. With this, players can use the fast play feature to enhance their game’s processing speed. But how does this feature work? Once this function is turned on, users can get a glimpse of the game results without seeing how the card deals. This option is excellent for gamers in a rush but desires to try their luck with a slot machine.

Soundtrack Adjustment

Another impressive feature of the wild Viking is the ease in which users can change the background sound effects. Besides, there is a re-bet button for players to wager the same amount as the last bet. This unique icon helps save gamers time and effort as they don’t need to click the chip values for many times.

Let’s Wrap Up

It is an online casino game that reminds players of the roulette because each round’s outcome is the same. Currently, this is one of the best table games for anyone. Once players are familiar with the game’s layout and rules, it becomes increasingly easy to play. That’s because all its elements are pretty simple and easy to understand. With this, gamers have a higher chance of hitting the jackpot and win huge money. However, reading some online bingo tips can help you any time you feel like you are struggling too much.

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