South London Bingos

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One of the reasons bingo is becoming more popular is due to the themed bingo games being offered. And for those who are part of the drag scene, South London Bingos have a lot of those. This colorful and entertaining world has truly electrified the entertainment world; and whether you participate in the art of dressing up or you are merely an awed spectator, the fantastic world is a treat.
South London Bingos

In the name of themed South London bingos, this colorful extravaganza is making such noise. And if you are thinking of joining in the fun, here’s a few things you can expect:

What to Expect from Themed Bingos

Singing and dancing. If you have ever been to this kind of show, you should know that going to a South London bingo on such a night is going to be spectacular. Apart from the colorful show, you will get the chance to watch various performances from the some of the top personalities in the industry. Sometimes, they even feature international guests.

Dressing up. Like any such event, South London bingo players have the chance to dress up. Why will you come to a party undressed, right? Of course, you will suit up, accordingly.

Meet people. If you want to socialize and expand your network, whether in terms of the local bingo scene, or that of the community, attending this kind of South Long bingo event is going to be perfect. With the assortment of people, you can meet, you will really find new friends. And if you’re lucky, you can even find love.

Booze and drinks. Of course, it’s not going to be a party if there are no proper clinking of glasses. Most themed bingo events have abundant booze, so you will surely have your fix. Do you want a cocktail? How about a good glass of wine?

Great prizes. It’s not a bingo event if there aren’t great prizes up for grabs. And in most themed parties at the famous South London bingos, you have the chance to come home with extravagant prizes.

The History of Drag Scene

The very first drag themed bingo event came in 1990 when Judy Werle wanted to raise funds for the LGBT community who were suffering from AIDS. It turned out to be a huge success, and it has since become a thing in the bingo scene. Nowadays, there are so many bingo halls hosting themed events all over the country.

Traditionally, local bingos are filled with geriatrics who really go out of their way to travel to a local casino to meet with their friends. Nowadays the scene is livelier. But older players can visit their traditional hall if they are not so fond of themed bingo parties. They can still enjoy their 90-ball bingo game as they always preferred it. They go out of their way to play away from their computers because even though online bingo sites can be entertaining, nothing beats socializing in person.

What they cannot get from a multiplayer bingo game on their mobile devices, they will get from land casinos.

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