Pay bingo with Skrill

Pay bingo with skrill

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E-Wallets and Online Bingo

Are you fond of making online transactions? How about online gaming? Perhaps you’ve been playing online bingo, and have been wondering if there’s a means for you fund your gaming without making direct bank or credit card transaction, you have to get to know e-wallets.

Play Bingo with Skrill

E-wallets come hand in hand with the rise and popularity of the digital age. With more and more people spending their time online, people are choosing to carryout most of their business through the computer. And with everyone realizing the convenience and ease of online systems, even gaming has become more prominent online. Nowadays, popular casino games have found their comfortable niche online. Those who cannot continue travelling to land casinos, can enjoy their games online.

This is where Skrill comes in. Making online gaming more secure, Skrill’s e-wallet services may be used to fund your bingo games.

The Rise of Skrill

In 2001, Skrill was introduced in the market as MoneyBookers, and with its easy setup, people were able to carryout their transactions online. By transferring money from your bank accounts or credit cards, you can fund your Skrill accounts and use it to make payments and make fund transfers. Instead of providing your financial details to all the online websites you purchase from, you can put all your information and Skrill and allow its security system to safeguard your details through them.

Less than ten years after, in 2010, it changed its name to Skrill and has become one of the leading e-wallet systems. And today, a number of bingo gaming sites are entertaining the use of Skrill funding systems.

To add more good news, those who are thinking of using Skrill for gaming have the chance to win cashbacks for the full amount of their initial deposit. This makes your first transaction, free-of-charge. And speaking of making your deposits, anyone using Skrill can deposit as low as £10 and as high as £1000. This is such a safe limit, that allows you to control yourself from making excessive gambling transactions. 

The use of Skrill is not exclusive to GBP or even users from the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, the service accepts transactions from as much as forth different currencies and is clearly an international platform that’s accessible to anyone who wishes to make use of it. As long as you have the means to fund your e-wallet, Skrill is something you can use.
If you are new to Skrill, after creating your account with an email, you have to verify your accounts physically, or through your credit card or bank account. This step is necessary because it will automatically increase the allowed transfer amount that you can make per transaction.
If you wish to withdraw your bingo winnings, Skrill allows you to withdraw as low as £10—and that’s quite low.

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