30 Ball Bingo

30 Ball Bingo

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Why Not Thirty?

Just like most bingo games, land-hall, or online, there is a caller and a card. Throughout the game, numbers will be called out and the player will watch his card and wait for numbers to be announced. A 30-ball bingo game is much like the 75-ball bingo game.

30 Ball Bingo

The card is consisting of nine boxes or squares. There are three columns and three rows. To win the game, you need to get a full-house (which means all the numbers in the nine boxes or squares. Like all the other bingo cards, the numbers will appear at random in their designated column:

Column 1 – Numbers 1 to 10

Column 2 – Numbers 11 to 20

Column 3 – Numbers 21- 30

Why Thirty, you ask?

With the variety of bingo games that you can play, you’re probably wondering why you should choose 30-ball bingo. Well consider the following things:

  • It’s definitely faced-paced. Unlike the more traditional games, this game is designed for speed, so if you want to something fast because you have little time to spare, or you want to be able to cash-in more chances of winning in a short amount of time, then the 30-ball bingo games are the right game for you.
  • It’s more exciting. Since it’s fast-paced, the excitement for winning may be likened to watching a suspense-thriller, because every number call out typically brings you nearer or father to screaming “Bingo” at the top of your lungs.
  • It’s easy. All bingo games are designed to be simple and straightforward, but the 30-ball bingo game is much easier. There are no complicated patterns that you need to form. All you need to do is to wait for all nine numbers in your card to be called, so you can win a “full house”.
  • It’s an all-action game. Since there are very few numbers to be called out, you have nine out of thirty numbers to mark on your card. Compared to other games where you will find yourself staring blankly at a card as other numbers get called—there’s a bigger chance for you to hear your numbers be called in a 30-ball bingo game, compared to others.

Choose Speed, Choose Wisely

Also known as “Speed Bingo” this game is indeed the fastest among all the variations available; with 90-ball bingo being the longest of all. If you enjoy online gaming because you no longer have the luxury of going out of your house to attend to games being ran at bingo halls, then a trusted comparison site is going to be an asset to you. Pointing you towards the direction of the best games online, Bingoleader is a comparison site that will give you an organized list of gaming sites, so you can conveniently choose where you’re going to put your money, in order to have loads of fun.

Of course, choosing the right gaming site is just as important as choosing the right game, because your choice is going to dictate what kind of prizes, you’re going to take home when you win. The most popular sites tend to have more players, and while that lowers your chance of winning, it also enlarges to the pot to be collected.

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